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Iconic Mountains

When musing about the definition of an Iconic Mountain I am reminded of two sayings. ‘Football is a game of opinions’ and ‘One man’s Freedom fighter is another man’s Terrorist’. 

And so it is with any definition of Iconic Mountains.

Different mountains means different things to different people although there are certain mountains like Everest, Annapurna, the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc  and the Eiger which have played pivotal roles in the history and development of mountaineering and which would surely make anyone’s list of Iconic Mountains. Others might be well known because of outstanding feats of valour that took place or because of the extreme  skills  required  to ascend to the summit. And still more make lists because of their outstanding beauty.  

I am not a climber but during the last 23 years I have been fortunate enough to have usually been able to spend a couple of months each year hiking in many of the great mountain ranges around the world – and many lesser known ones as well!

In that period I have hiked in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and even occasionally in the UK. Although I have visited Australia several times I have not hiked ‘Down Under’ since I lived there in the 1970s  but I well remember  making a journey to New Zealand and as I followed a challenging trail above the Hooker Valley close to Mt Cook I thought ‘Now I understand why it was a New Zealander who was one of the first up Everest!’

I apologise if our exhibition of Iconic Mountains is neither exhaustive nor complete but the choice is subjective and further compromised by the fact that to meet deadlines  I have restricted my choice of images to digital images that I have taken in the last ten years.

Nevertheless I hope the images will provide you with pleasure and enjoyment. All of the featured images were taken from locations easily accessible to any fit walker  without requiring any technical skills so I hope that you will be inspired to get out your boots and visit some of these spectacular areas for yourself.


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